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.. APIC announces initiative to remove central line-associated bloodstream infections The Association for Professionals in Infections Control and Epidemiology today announced a significant initiative to eliminate one of the most preventable and deadly infections that patients can acquire in healthcare facilities: central line-associated bloodstream infections , which kill 30,000 people in the U.S. Every full year. APIC, together with the Association for Vascular Gain access to and the Infusion Nurses Culture unveiled a fresh website [ for healthcare specialists to drive the adoption of best practices to remove CLABSIs. The website brings together educational materials and help with preventing these infections.8 on-line edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association. Evaluation of zoo elephant death records revealed that significantly less than 5 % died of cancers. The cancer death count in humans is 11 to 25 %, the researchers said. A subsequent analysis of the complete elephant genome placed particular concentrate on the so-called P53 gene, a known tumor suppressor tasked with preventing cancers by fixing damaged cells and/or killing them when fix isn’t possible. Human being cells carry two copies of P53 just. But investigators found that elephant cells carry 40 copies. Blood drawn from eight African and Asian elephants was after that stacked up against blood drawn from 11 healthy people and 10 individuals who had Li-Fraumeni Syndrome.