6 Types of Asbestos According to the U.

Chrysotile consists of minerals crystallized in a serpentine pattern that means it consists of crystals that are formed in sheets. It is the commonest type of asbestos accounting for approximately 95 % of all asbestos commercially used in the United States. Due to the widespread use of this fiber, chrysotile accounts for the majority of asbestos-related health problems throughout the global world. 2-Tremolite This type of asbestos is found in most metamorphic rocks commonly. Its color ranges from a creamy white to dark green. Tremolite asbestos has been used for industrial purposes and has been identified as an ingredient in some household products, primarily talcum powder . This form of asbestos is the main asbestos type found in the infamous vermiculite mine in Libby, Montana.Nevertheless, the company’s hESC lines and cells designed for those lines should fall outside the scope of the court order. As the injunction provides been stayed, it is widely believed that is a temporary reprieve, with a permanent injunction a real possibility perhaps as soon as the end of the month. Should which come to pass, Action stands prepared to offer its human stem cell lines to the extensive study community, pending their acceptance by the National Institutes of Wellness .. Aflatoxin treatment project in Kenya faces challenge in marketing product to poor farmers IRIN examines an 18-month project in Kenya tests a maize treatment aimed at controlling a deadly fungus, aflatoxin, which has the potential to trigger cancer, disease fighting capability suppression, growth retardation, liver disease and loss of life among the literally billions of people in the developing globe who are chronically exposed to the fungus.