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The work has been coordinated by AGTC in collaboration with experts at Oregon Health & Research University Casey Vision Institute, Dr. David Wilson and The University of Florida, Dr. William Hauswirth. The grant is part of the Base Fighting Blindness’ work to fund studies with strong potential to enter into human medical trials within three years. David Wilson, Director, Casey Attention Institute. ‘We are delighted to become partnering with AGTC and FFB in what is the most thrilling and meaningful work being performed in ophthalmology and medicine at this time.’ ‘AGTC’s emerging gene therapy can be an elegant approach to treating a devastating retinal disease like XLRS, because one treatment may last several years or perhaps a lifetime,’ says Stephen Rose, Ph.D., chief analysis officer, Base Fighting Blindness.‘That is the usual explanation we’ve why asthmatic kids will end up in medical center if they get a respiratory infection.’ But EV-D68 patients weren’t admitted to pediatric ICUs more than other sick kids frequently. And, they didn’t have a higher death count, the researchers concluded. The CDC documented 12 deaths linked to EV-D68. Which means the virus has an estimated death rate of 1 1 %, the study authors said. ‘When EV-D68 was capturing news headlines a year ago, there is a complete large amount of doom and gloom,’ stated Dr. Amesh Adalja, a senior associate at the guts for Health Protection at the University of Pittsburgh INFIRMARY. ‘This study demonstrates when you drill down and appearance at the data more closely, this was not a more deadly stress of enterovirus than others.’ Around the same time of the EV-D68 outbreak, about 120 kids in 34 claims developed muscle mass paralysis or weakness, based on the CDC.