According to a report in the May 4 issue of JAMA.

Acupuncture treatment no more effective than sham treatment in reducing migraine headaches Migraine patients who received true acupuncture had no decrease in headaches in comparison with those who received sham acupuncture treatment, according to a report in the May 4 issue of JAMA. Migraine is a common and disabling condition that includes attacks of serious typically, pulsating, 1-sided headaches, often accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to audio and light, according to background information in the article nizagara vs viagra . Population-based studies suggest that 6 % to 7 % of men and 15 % to 18 % of women experience migraine headaches.

Fourteen days after receiving acupuncture, their HFS was measured once again and had dropped more than half to 10.3. At six weeks post-treatment, their HFS was 7.5. After eight weeks, the men were evaluated and their indicate HFS was 7 again. ‘Our study demonstrates physicians and individuals have an additional treatment for a thing that affects a lot of men undergoing prostate cancer treatment and also has long-term benefits, instead of more side effects,’ Hani Ashamalla, M.D., lead author of the analysis and a radiation oncologist at New York Methodist Hospital, said. ‘We are actually designing a randomized clinical trial to further assess acupuncture after prostate tumor treatment.