Acupuncture: A highly effective treatment for pain?

Acupuncture skeptic Dr. Stephen Barrett known as the study results are dubious. The retired psychiatrist operates Quackwatch, a web site on medical scams, and says studies of acupuncture often involve strict research circumstances that don’t mirror how the procedure is used in the real world. The new analysis combined outcomes from studies of patients with common types of chronic pain – recurring head aches, arthritis or back, neck and shoulder.That’s because most of the 1,900 roughly known pulsars in the universe emit radio waves, and incredibly few have already been found to emit better beams of X-rays or gamma rays. That quantity has been increasing lately because of observations from the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope , and these observations are helping physicists characterize pulsars that emit in gamma rays. Lucas Guillemot of the Max-Planck-Institut f-r Radioastronomie will present a listing of pulsar observations in gamma rays with the Fermi Large Area Telescope during its initial year and a half of procedure. Before Fermi was launched, fewer than ten gamma ray pulsars were known.