ADI introduces octal ultrasound receiver with on-chip JESD204B serial interface Analog Devices.

Download data sheet and view product web page: Order samples: To find out more about ultrasound and medical imaging applications visit: By introducing the initial octal ultrasound receiver with a multi-gigabit, serial data link, we are allowing ultrasound products designers to shrink the number of interconnects between their data FPGAs and converters, said Pat O’Doherty, vice president, Health care segment, Analog Products.But Ruth Francis, the united kingdom mind of communications at Springer, confirmed to Nature that every relevant meeting proceeding was, indeed, peer reviewed. This leaves many unanswered questions as to how the studies in question ever even managed to get past this process, considering how easily these were later defined as fraudulent. The IEEE, on the other hand, would not confirm set up article submissions have been, or were said to be, peer reviewed. It also declined to indicate whether or not it had attempted to get in touch with the authors or editors of the SCIgen papers, instead releasing a declaration that it ‘continue[s] to follow strict governance suggestions for evaluating.