Advantec announces partnership with Teladoc for telehealth consultations Advantec.

Advantec announces partnership with Teladoc for telehealth consultations Advantec, a forward thinking provider of HR, Benefits and Payroll solutions to small and mid-sized businesses, announced today a new partnership with Teladoc, the nation’s leading company of telehealth medical consultations. All Advantec clients could have the option to provide Teladoc’s services with their employees. At Advantec, we believe that the heart of any company’s business is usually its employees. Advantec expects that its customers who utilize Teladoc shall see fewer sick days, increased productivity from a more healthy workforce consistently, and reduced healthcare costs resulting from fewer er visits.O’Shea notes an important fact about Proposal 2: it requires that the allowed embryos are types that couples designate for study. The proposal outlaws the sale or purchase of embryos for analysis and states the study needs to follow federal regulation. Related StoriesNYSCF conference to spotlight translational stem cell and neuroscience researchBlood stem cell self-renewal reliant on surroundingsStem cell study to help fight congenital brittle bone diseaseMore information on stem cells are available at and edu/ Here’s the written text that Michigan voters will see on their ballots: A PROPOSAL TO AMEND THE Condition CONSTITUTION TO ADDRESS HUMAN EMBRYO AND Human being EMBRYONIC STEM CELL RESEARCH IN MICHIGAN. The proposed constitutional amendment would: Expand use of human embryos for just about any analysis permitted under federal legislation subject to the next limits: the embryos – are manufactured for fertility treatment reasons; – are not suitable for implantation or are in excess of clinical needs; – would be discarded unless used for study; – were donated by the person seeking fertility treatment.