After listeria outbreak.

The Brenham, Texas-based firm on Tuesday used Twitter and Facebook to announce its trucks ‘are on the road again’ and filled up with ice cream. The messages did not say when and where Blue Bell products would be sold. Our trucks are on the road again. And yes, they are filled with Blue Bell Ice Cream! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says half of those who got ill contracted the illness after eating milkshakes made with Blue Bell products at a Kansas medical center, where they were getting treated for other conditions.Third, we recoded the discharge disposition of all patients who were discharged to home-structured hospice care as deaths, a practice consistent with that in previous studies.14 Fourth, we redefined the exposure adjustable as a time-various covariate representing the cumulative proportion of nights subjected to the intervention.24,25 On each day of a patient’s stay in the ICU, the cumulative publicity was calculated as the amount of intervention nights divided by the total number of nights up to that day.