Alcohol and older people: good news.

This is what happens, and how to make a diagnosis that is missed often. Although older people are not as likely than their more youthful counterparts to consume harmful or hazardous degrees of alcohol, those who perform may suffer alcohol-related health issues. Alcohol-related problems in older people are often caused by drug interactions; altered medicine alcohol and pharmacokinetics metabolic process and increased medication use in older people contribute to this.Wet AMD, which is even more requires and serious immediate evaluation, occurs when abnormal arteries grow in a layer beneath the retina, leaking fluid and blood. Both types are pain-free and cause a lack of central eyesight, or blind place. Peripheral, or side eyesight, remains unchanged, stated Dr. Phan. Some individuals, like Drey, encounter both variations of the disease. My medical diagnosis is that I’ve dry AMD in one eye and wet AMD in the other eye, she said.