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‘Our proprietary technology allows us to bind benzonatate to a resin particle, which represents a totally novel formulation approach and resolves this significant security issue.’ ‘This Notice of Allowance marks an important milestone in our benzonatate product development strategy and may be the main element to benzonatate learning to be a successful Rx-to-OTC switch candidate,’ continued Howard. ‘This is highly desirable, as the need for safe and effective non-narcotic cough formulations is excellent, especially when you consider how widespread dextromethorphan misuse has become.’ Alitair is filing another patent related to its benzonatate product candidate, that may further strengthen the Company’s intellectual property portfolio. Alitair can be actively seeking somebody for its benzonatate product candidate and estimates annual product sales between $75 and $100 million for a prescription or OTC benzonatate item using its proprietary ion exchange resin technology..But for most of them, acne will fade and disappear when they reach the age of 25 gradually. Pimples is moderate when acne cover approximately half of the face. When you have moderate acne, consult with a dermatologist to be able to quickly control your situation. Acne is due to excessive oil production in the sebaceous glands. The secretions are called sebum and this essential oil drains into hair follicles. Acne is definitely impacted by your exercise habits – – in both good and bad ways.