And Benjamin Z.

The magnitudes of the increases were very similar with doses of 0 g, 1.25 g, 2.5 g, and 5 g of testosterone daily, a finding that suggests a predominantly estrogenic impact . Total-body lean mass decreased in men who received placebo considerably, as compared with those who received 1.25 g, 2.5 g, or 10 g of testosterone daily, a finding that implies an independent aftereffect of testosterone . Subcutaneous-fat region increased in all groups in cohort 2, though only the evaluation of changes between the 1.25-g and 10-g dose groups was significant . The increases in intraabdominal-fat area did not differ considerably among the dose groupings . Thigh-muscle region decreased significantly in men who received placebo, as compared with males who received the four testosterone doses .She assisted healthcare employees with donning and doffing personal defensive equipment and executing decontamination. On 22 July, 2014, she noted the onset of fever, fatigue, and malaise. Nevertheless, she continued to be febrile, with a peak temp of 39. Empirical ceftriaxone was began, but a truncal rash developed. Oral azithromycin was substituted but triggered hand swelling; her treatment was changed to oral levofloxacin. A serum sample that was obtained on time 5 of the illness yielded a positive result for EBOV on RT-PCR assay. On time 9, asthenia that required assistance with walking developed, as well as diarrhea without nausea or vomiting.