Bardoxolone methyl.

The agreement is as well as the partnership between your two businesses announced in September 2010 where Reata granted to Abbott unique rights to develop and commercialize its lead AIM compound, bardoxolone methyl, outside of the United States, excluding certain Asian marketplaces. The collaboration announced today is definitely a global agreement and includes a large numbers of molecules in a broad selection of therapeutic areas, including pulmonary, central nervous program disorders and immunology. Abbott and Reata will similarly share costs and profits for all new AIMs in every newly licensed indications aside from rheumatoid arthritis and select other autoimmune diseases, in which Abbott will take 70 % of profits and costs and Reata will take 30 %.All rights reserved.

Aflatoxin treatment project in Kenya faces challenge in marketing item to poor farmers IRIN examines an 18-month project in Kenya screening a maize treatment targeted at controlling ‘a deadly fungus, aflatoxin,’ which includes the potential to cause cancer, disease fighting capability suppression, growth retardation, liver disease and loss of life among the ‘literally vast amounts of people in the developing world’ who are chronically exposed to the fungus.