Compared with their insured counterparts privately Click to see more.

AHRQ report displays highest hospital readmission rates among Medicaid patients Among every 10 adult Medicaid patients who were hospitalized in 2007 for a medical condition other than childbirth had to be readmitted at least one time within thirty days of their initial hospital stay that calendar year, according to the latest Numbers and Information from the Agency to get Healthcare Research and Quality. The federal agency’s evaluation demonstrates these Medicaid individuals were 70 % more likely to become readmitted at least one time within 30 days, compared with their insured counterparts privately. The analysis also found that the amount of underlying health problems Medicaid sufferers had increased their odds of readmission Click to see more .

The latest Planned Parenthood scandal is a perfect example of how AI robots might be used in the near future to perform ‘less crunchy’ partial-birth abortions in order to maximize the income made from illegally selling aborted baby body parts and even entire, fully-intact dead infants to biotech companies. IBM is apparently leading the way in this field with the development of complex AI software that the company says will 1 day have the capability to identify diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disease without human input. The machinery will be tasked with ‘learning’ hordes of medical data to be able to interpret digital medical pictures and make automated diagnoses of patients. Read other fascinating articles like this one from the independent media at