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‘Looking closely at several prostate cancer cases, we’ve calculated a measurable improvement in dosage shaping accuracy with Agility’s high-quality, five millimeter leaves,’ says Felix Sedlmayer, M.D., Chairman and Professor, Department of Radiotherapy and Radio-Oncology, SALK and Paracelsus Medical University. ‘This greater precision improves our capability to concentrate radiation to the tumor, while strictly limiting exposure to surrounding critical structures like the rectum and bladder.Organizers anticipate 150 lung cancer experts to wait. ‘Holding these conferences collectively for the very first time should increase perspectives of both organizations and catapult the study forward,’ stated Dr. Yankelevitz. The I-ELCAP effort is currently part of a lung malignancy demonstration task for the new ASU Biosignatures Initiative directed by previous Fulton School of Engineering Dean Deirdre Meldrum. The Biodesign-led initiative will continue to be at the forefront of a multipronged strategy for the first detection of lung tumor to save lives. That is ASU’s second yr as host to the prestigious biannual meeting. Among the agenda topics for the 2011 conference are: minimizing harms related to screening, understanding the results of the National Lung Screening Trial, development of potential collaborative research..