Like telling people you like and appreciate them.

Asteya – Non-stealing or offering more. While we readily agree on the adage of ‘it’s better to give than receive,’ we are able to take this to the next level by giving even more upon receiving. We are able to all give even more to those that gift us by providing in returning a keen and heart-felt ‘thanks’ – remembering to thank for the purpose, the generosity and caring in the offering, more so than the actual item itself. Bramacharya – Moving toward God. The literal signifying of this oft confused word has to do with moving toward God. Or, if other words work better for you personally, moving toward nature or the divine. It can be easy to understand in yoga exercises classes that many become swept up in the commercialism and consumerism.Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, the South African Wellness Minister, has ordered an inquiry apparently, but federal government statements indicate that it’s unclear whether those contaminated were the women who received the gel or had been from the control group that did not receive the microbicide. CONRAD says every part of the study has been taken care of with the most care, gratitude and respect toward the female volunteers. Tshabalala-Msimang has previously been harshly criticised due to her government’s sluggish response to South Africa’s Helps crisis, where 5.5 million of the 45 million inhabitants carry the HIV virus. At a global AIDS meeting in Toronto last year the minister and her federal government were highly condemned and ridiculed for advertising a fix of garlic, lemon and essential olive oil rather than life-prolonging anti-retroviral medications.