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According to CBC News in Canada, Mohammed Ashour and his fellow learners recently entered their idea into an annual contest held by the Hult Prize Basis, which searches for the brightest and greatest ideas for tackling cultural and environmental problems, and won ultimately. And with the money they received, they shall now shift their efforts towards developing power flour on a much wider scale. It’s a huge deal because we’d a very ambitious but extremely executable five-year plan in place, mentioned Ashour to ABC Information about his team’s long-term programs for the flour, which have been set in motion ahead of it receiving the award.Dr. Adar concluded Linking these findings with other results from the same human population shows that individuals living in a more polluted part of town may have a 2 % higher threat of stroke as compared to people in a less polluted part of the same metropolitan area. Furthermore to dietary and physical activity lifestyle adjustments, changing the amount of time exposed to air pollution particulates can influence risk for coronary disease.. ART as part of HIV prevention strategy supported simply by WHO ‘AIDS drugs should be directed at all who want them to lessen new infections, the World Health Organization said,’ carrying out a three-day meeting on the topic of using antiretroviral therapy to help prevent the pass on of HIV, Bloomberg reviews.