Researchers Dig for Cause of Dog Diabetes: WEDNESDAY.

Unfortunately, there aren’t currently any reliable methods to prevent diabetes in canines. But Hess advised dog owners to look for the signs or symptoms of diabetes, especially if you have an older dog. As in humans, the primary signs of diabetes are increased thirst and urination. ‘Dogs with diabetes might need to be let out more often than usual, or they could have mishaps in the homely house,’ Hess said. She suggested that an accident inside your home in a formerly well house-trained doggie warrants a visit to the vet to ensure nothing’s wrong, and that’s especially true if your dog has also lost weight recently without having to be put on a diet. The good news is that it’s easy for the vet to diagnose, and it’s ‘extremely treatable’ with insulin injections, Hess said.This year 2010, Boehringer Ingelheim published net sales around 12.6 billion euro while spending almost 24 percent of net sales in its largest business segment Prescription Medicines on research and development. 1. Stewart S, Murphy N, Walker A, et al. Price of an emerging epidemic: an economic analysis of atrial fibrillation in the united kingdom. Heart 2004; 90:286-92. 2. Atlas of CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE and Stroke, World Health Organization, 2004 September. Viewed March 2011 at 3. Wolf PA, Abbott RD, Kannel WB. Atrial fibrillation as an unbiased risk element for stroke: the Framingham Study.