Several scanning modes have been found in medical and obstetrical ultrasound.

Studies have already been done on pets, which led the experts to conclude that there may be neurological, behavioral, developmental, hematological, and other changes because of exposure to ultrasound waves. Theoretically, there are three factors that can pose the risk Intensity of ultrasound waves, length of exposure and frequency of ultrasound sessions. Despite theoretical risks, the technique is certainly nothing significantly less than a boon for the mother-to-be. There is no such benefit or any beneficial end result of the technique in the correct growth and advancement of the fetus. It is not responsible to improve the outcome of pregnancy, but provides an possibility to the mom-to-be to visualize the youngster in womb and feel that unique bonding with her child who is still to become born.‘An interdisciplinary strategy that combines dental care and medical examination, treatment and diagnosis is producing positive results for patients of all ages.’ ‘The Silent Airway Issue’ conference is available to physicians, dentists and all the health care practitioners and educators. For additional information also to sign up for the ‘The Silent Airway Issue,’ head to.

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