State retirees are bracing to lose their state health care in the coming weeks.

AARP: Spending budget cuts for safety net programs spell healthcare disaster for Idaho residents While Idaho’s part-time employees face massive healthcare premium increases, state retirees are bracing to lose their state health care in the coming weeks, all as services and programs providing a critical safety net continue to be cut. AARP says it’s a mixture that spells health care disaster for many Idaho occupants and the Association is certainly calling on lawmakers to address it. ‘It generally does not make any sense to draw the rug out from underneath Idaho’s part-time state employees and retirees, while continuing to weaken the programs in the community where people submit times of crisis,’ said Jim Wordelman, AARP Idaho State Director.Since the beginning of 2009, the Hemopurifier offers been demonstrated safe and effective in reducing individual viral load in both Hepatitis-C Virus and Human Immunodeficiency Virus infections. As a total result, Aethlon believes the Hemopurifier is the first therapeutic applicant to show viral reduction advantage against two different viral species in individual studies. Such data additional reinforces the positioning of the Hemopurifier as a respected broad-spectrum countermeasure against medication and vaccine resistant infections. Should H1N1 Swine Flu evolve to be highly virulent and resistant to treatment stockpiles, the Hemopurifier is put to become first-series treatment countermeasure to fortify the clinical good thing about both established and candidate drug treatments.

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