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For their research with urological surgeons, the researchers studied four urology fellows and three urology residents from the medical center. After training in the Alexander Technique, the subjects demonstrated improved abilities to complete laparoscopic abilities in a shorter time. The subjects showed improvements in position, shoulder and trunk balance and the ability to perform the group of laparoscopic skills lab tests. Improved endurance and posture during surgery decreases the occurrence of surgical fatigue. Intra-operative exhaustion has been shown to be connected with surgical mistakes. AT training has the potential to lessen the occurrence of fatigue-related surgical errors. Dr. Reddy said in the next phase of the study will include a more substantial scale cross-specialty evaluation of how the Alexander Technique impacts medical ergonomics in both laparoscopic operation and also more traditional open surgery.Juma acknowledged, ‘Climate change helps it be more difficult.’ He added that study into new crop varieties may help . Climate Change, Various other Factors Worsen Food Security Outlook, Record Says ‘Surging charges for staple foods in 2008 and 2010 could be just a foretaste into the future as the impacts of weather change and population development combine, a report released at the U.N. Talks in Cancun stated Wednesday,’ Agence France-Presse reviews.