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For instance, the Florida ADAP expects to add between 250 and 300 new patients per month to the present waiting list. In an effort to address the crisis, Senators Burr, Coburn and Enzi introduced S. 3401, the ACCESS ADAP Work, a bill which gives $126 million in unobligated stimulus funds to eliminate waiting around lists through Fiscal Yr 2010. The bill failed to gain the support of the administration or Congress. The $126 million was a number provided by state AIDS director as the quantity of additional federal funding necessary to meet current system needs given the number of people on waiting lists, expected number of fresh patients and budget cuts per state.1, 2015: Set of ASHP match programs obtainable. March 4, 2016: Rank order lists submission deadline for Stage I Match March 18, 2016: Results of Phase I Match are released to candidates, program directors. March 23, 2016: Candidates who either didn’t obtain a placement in the Phase I Match or did not participate can submit applications to programs participating in Phase II Match. 1 April, 2016: Rank order lists submission deadline for Phase II Match 8 April, 2016: Results of Stage II Match are released to candidates and program directors. According to Silvester, the above dates consist of extra time between your different Match phases to permit participants to become acclimated to the new process.