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3. Avoid aerobic exercises You should avoid aerobic exercises since they lead to catabolism or in layman’s term lose of muscle tissue. Therefore as your objective is to gain muscles you have to stay of cardio exercises completely. 4. Rest This is very important if you want to gain more mass and muscles. When you rest the physical body muscles can recuperate as well and grow. Therefore if you are a bodybuilder be sure you get adequate rest period between exercises. This ongoing work is reported in the inaugural issue of the journal Nature Nanotechnology. Fanqing Frank Chen, Ph.D., at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, led a group of investigators that created a nanoplasmonic ruler designed to measure adjustments in DNA length quantitatively and in real time.Adolescent patients who received kidney transplant appear to be at improved risk for transplant failure Patients who also received their initial kidney transplant at age range 14 to 16 years look like at increased risk for transplant failure, with black adolescents having a disproportionately higher threat of graft failing, according to a report published by JAMA Internal Medication, a JAMA Network publication. Existing medical literature does not adequately describe the dangers of graft failure among kidney transplant recipients by age. Organ losses by adolescents are partly due to physiologic or immunologic adjustments with age but mental and sociological factors are likely involved, particularly when they affect medicine adherence, based on the scholarly study background.