This annual event draws a large number of attendees including doctors.

The measureable impact of this call to action became widely successful in reaching patients, companies, workers, and others, raising awareness about the need for blood pressure control. The National Day time of Actions also engaged suppliers to raised detect and treat high blood pressure within their affected individual populations through trainings, guideline implementation, patient engagement applications, and other evidence-based treatment processes. The central mission of the campaign is certainly to encourage medical groupings and arranged systems of care to look at a number of evidence-based care processes that result in measurable improvements in high blood pressure outcomes.Drs. Harrison and Gladstone reviewed multiple open-label Phase II Cyrevia studies executed at Johns Hopkins, demonstrating significant benefit for Cyrevia versus traditional outcomes in the treatment of a variety of autoimmune diseases, and proposed a managed jointly, randomized, multi-center Phase III MS study. ‘It had been a great privilege to listen to positive feedback from this esteemed group of leading MS doctors, and we look forward to making a formal announcement as to the organizations that will participate in our planned Cyrevia clinical trial,’ stated Samuel S. Duffey, Esq., Accentia’s President & CEO. ‘Specifically, we found tremendous enthusiasm for a single span of Cyrevia therapy administered over four consecutive times that offers individuals the potential to ‘reboot’ their immune system in order to reduce their disability.