Very Young Babies Feeling Touch Differently: MONDAY.

Very Young Babies Feeling Touch Differently: – MONDAY, Oct more . 19, 2015 – – When you contact a newborn’s hands or feet, the infant doesn’t see that sensation the same way older babies, children and adults do, a new study suggests. This situation lasts for about the first four months of a baby’s existence, according to the results published Oct. 19 in the journal Current Biology. ‘Our findings are really the first ever to address what is definitely quite a fundamental question about our sensory encounter in early life,’ Andrew Bremner of Goldsmiths, University of London, stated in a journal news release.

27, 2015 – – Serious liver damage could be four times more prevalent among People in america with the liver illness hepatitis C than previously thought, a fresh study suggests. Analyzing nearly 9,800 individuals with hepatitis C, researchers learned that utilizing a biopsy by itself to disclose liver cirrhosis – – indicating scarring in the organ – – will probably seriously underestimate its prevalence. The recent emergence of medications that may cure hepatitis C, a silent killer that often goes undetected until advanced disease sets in years later, adds weight to the new findings, doctors said. We thought it might be important to provide the healthcare community with some estimate regarding the severity of liver disease among individuals with hepatitis C because it’s a issue that comes up very frequently: Just how ill is this community? stated study author Dr.