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A is for asymmetry – When one part of the mole will not match with the other. B is for border – A spot with blurred or irregular border. C is for coloring – When the color of your mole adjustments. D is for diameter – When a spot spreads in proportions and crosses over 6mm. E is for development – When you discover the spot changing in color constantly, size and shape. Squamous Cell Carcinoma This is just one more type of skin cancer that always affects people over the age of 50. Initially, red spots have emerged appearing on your skin, which overtime develops into wounds. The red, scaly spots will bleed or crust quickly. If left untreated, the sore shall develop and spread to other pores and skin surfaces. If detected at an early on stage, it is possible to rectify skin cancer.Death prices and hazard ratios for deaths from all causes and deaths from cardiovascular causes are shown in Shape 1Amount 1Hazard Ratios for Death from Any Trigger and for Loss of life from Cardiovascular Causes According to Age and Sex among Patients with Type 1 Diabetes versus Controls. According to age and sex. Hazard ratios for death from any cause and for loss of life from cardiovascular causes among patients with type 1 diabetes versus controls were 3.52 and 4.60 , respectively, after adjustment for time-updated age, sex, time-updated diabetes duration, birth in Sweden or elsewhere, educational level, and time-updated status with respect to previous cardiovascular system disease, acute myocardial infarction, stroke, heart failure, atrial fibrillation, and cancer.