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If you’re dehydrated then there is no reason to focus on proper nutrition. Your muscle groups and digestive tract need water to have the working job done. Body Fat: If the %age of surplus fat is low, it means that your body isn’t getting enough extra calorie consumption to produce fat. Calorie consumption in body really helps to building body muscles. Research well before you select upon any plain matter related to your health. Whether you are a beginner or have previously started with your workout routine, you can consult with a certified personal trainer or a fitness expert for more information.18, 2015 – – Dental cavities are more prevalent among kids whose mothers suffer from chronic stress, according to a new study. A mother’s chronic stress is also associated with lower probability of breast-feeding and fewer dental visits for his or her children, the researchers found. Policy that aims to boost dental health, specially the prevalence of cavities among children, should include interventions to improve the quality of life of mothers, said the study’s co-writer, Dr. Wael Sabbah, from the Teeth Institute at King’s University London. Chronic maternal stress as a potential risk element is something we need to consider, as well as the wider implications of maternal well-being, social and psychological environment on dental health, Sabbah added in a college news release.