With serious cases resulting in corneal scarring and reduced vision.

He previously been rubbing the eye constantly, and his mother said that they had been red for a few full months, becoming even more itchy, watery and swollen during the last couple of weeks and having an occasional stringy discharge. The boy was photophobic and incredibly reluctant to remove his baseball cap because of the glare of the area lighting; he wore sunglasses constantly when outside. He was well and was taking no topical otherwise, ocular or systemic medications.These data claim that this pathway might play a role in the innate immune response to pathogens. They are encoded by highly conserved genes and arose from the duplication of a common ancestor gene probably. The crucial part of innate immune pathways in cells inflammation and protective immunity is backed by the identification of several genetically inherited defects involving either impaired or enhanced interleukin-1 immunity and irritation.25-27 Nevertheless, mutations in genes that encode the cytokines, their receptors, or their inhibitors have been ascribed to just two pathologic conditions.29,30 DIRA is seen as a pustular eruptions and osteoarticular, bone, and central nervous program defects.